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    the National Key New Product

    Strive to Build the World Leading Brand ----Yiyang Technology!

    The Major Breakthrough in the Field of Submersible Pump in the World!


    Yiyang Magnetically Levitated Submersible Pump


    ——the National Key New Product       Project Number:2010GRC60075
    One of Shandong Province the 100 Main Pushing Energy-saving Technologies and Equipments 

    Yiyang magnetically levitated submersible pump, the patented product developed after years’ practice, which achieves a major breakthrough in the field of submersible pump in the world, effectively solves the drawbacks of traditional submersible pump: the low conversion efficiency, high power consumption, limited total head, fragile bearing, frequent maintenance and so on. Yiyang magnetically levitated submersible pump is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises of the water supply and drainage, farm irrigation and water supply in high altitude, mountain and other fields.

    Yiyang magnetically levitated submersible pump, the world's original patented product, with its unique patented technology, has changed the submersible pump manufacturing process, and makes the conversion efficiency reach alarming new levels, creating a huge energy saving benefits.

    Yiyang magnetically levitated submersible pump solves the issues of the restrictions of the axial force, in the field of the submersible pump world development, making a breakthrough increase in submersible pump's total head, and filling the submersible pumps market gaps in the ultra-high lift (single-lift can be designed above 1000 meters) and super-large flow rate ( High Load); and its total head, flow rate curve is gently. Its conversion efficiency and the highest single-lift are the global technology leaders.

    Yiyang magnetically levitated submersible pump, a new generation submersible pump, achieves the vertical magnetic levitation (maintaining high efficiency in different conditions), no wear, extending the using time and maintenance cycle several times, eliminating the need of frequent periodic maintenance work, and continuously working tens of thousands of hours, saving maintenance and repair cost.

    Yiyang magnetically levitated submersible pump passed the testing of the national laboratories and Shandong Province Pumps Product Quality Inspection Center. Proved by the test data , Yiyang magnetically levitated submersible pump conversion efficiency surpasses the traditional submersible pump. The user’s practice, experimental data and the comparison in field, prove in further that its high conversion efficiency and energy saving, the world's leading of the conversion efficiency, the world's leading of single-lift and high-load, large flow, maintenance-free, long-life and other characteristics decide Yiyang magnetically levitated submersible pumps to become the replacement of the traditional submersible pump products!

    Yiyang Magnetically Levitated Submersible Pump
    Heating Water Immediately, Water-saving and Anti-freezing Solar Water Heater
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